SACOM Imóveis

The Group’s youngest investment which focuses on Real Estate.

> SACOM Imóveis is the Group’s youngest arm, which focuses its investments on Real Estate. After carefully analysing the potential of the sector in Timor-Leste, as well as the challenges involved in such a venture considering the current legislation and Government policy, SACOM decided to go ahead with a new investment. The company is already working diligently towards the development of a Real Estate project in a prime and historic location of Dili. The project aims to develop one of Dili’s prime locations, using quality materials and a modern design, with which it will catapult the area. SACOM Imóveis is already in the process of acquiring all the necessary licenses, land permits and performing all the required tests and analysis on the land in order to initiate construction. The aim is to continue expanding in the sector, by partnering up with an experienced foreign investor or corporation in order to develop projects and local skills at a faster pace.