SACOM Hotéis

SACOM Hotéis is the Group’s subsidiary company
to develop projects related to Timor-Leste’s Hospitality
and Tourism sector

> Recognising Timor-Leste’s tourism potential, as well as the Government’s determination to develop the sector, SACOM has decided to branch into the Hospitality Industry. The company’s management is currently researching and evaluating all the possible sites in Timor-Leste that have tourism potential, as well as the client’s needs, both current and prospective. The main aim is to diversify the current options in Timor-Leste by offering a new range of experiences to tourists, especially in the upscale/boutique market, maintaining a strong Timorese cultural immersion. The management recognises the challenges inherent to such an ambitious goal and are evaluating all the requirements for the project. In due course, the company will advance with the building or rebuilding of appropriate infrastructure, develop International partnerships and take part in this nascent Industry in the Timor.


> In order to develop this sector SH is looking for strategic international partners to

   develop its prospective projects. These are a Hotel close to Dili’s airport next to the

   beautiful bay of Tibar, as well as a Resort in the Oecusse special zone (ZEESM) taking

   advantage of some of the most amazing landscapes in Timor-Leste in an area

   undergoing fast development and showing great promise for the Timorese tourism

   industry through a mix of infrastructure development and strong policy commitment.

 Architecture Design for the Hotel Resort in Tibar, AsuInus – Timor-Leste