SACOM Energia

• SACOM Energia Lda is Grupo SACOM’s subsidiary dedicated to managing the Group’s Energy activities, actively engaged in the international and domestic trading and distribution of refined oil products such as diesel, gasoline and bitumen.

> On the 17th April of 2008, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed

by SACOM Energia and the Secretary of State for Energy Policy, to develop
a Refinery Plant, in Betano, South Coast of Timor-Leste.

Signature of the MOU on 17 April 2008

at the Palacio do Governo, in Dili, Timor-Leste

SACOM Energia has developed into one of the most successful Timorese companies during the past two years.

> The Joint Venture operations with Trafigura have saved millions of US Dollars to the Timorese Government, while supplying the fuel to its Power Plants. The operations have been praised as the most professional and efficient Timor-Leste has ever seen. SACOM Energia has registered substantial organic growth in the last years, as it broadened its wholesale distribution activities and B2B operations in Timor-Leste and Eastern Indonesia.


   Due to these successes, SACOM Energia has expanded its operations through the acquisition of the Self-propelled Oil Barge “Dato Siri Loe”, which will enable the expansion into the Retail sector by increasing the storage capacity and operational flexibility, as well as continue supporting the current Wholesale operations. The SPOB has been operational since December 2015 and has been active in the Timorese fuel market, most recently supplying Oecusse’s electrical power plants. SACOM Energia is now moving into the fuel retail market in Timor and Eastern Indonesia, thus widening its presence across the distribution value chain, beyond wholesale trading and distribution and across the oil products spectrum.


   The company continues supplying the wholesale and retail markets of fuels through our infrastructure at the Port of Tibar, while continuing to work on a major investment project to upgrade our physical distribution network, which will involve building a new oil terminal and the respective jetty in Hera, in order to improve the service to its clients and help the country in its quest for energy security. The planned investments in infrastructure and equipment will allow us to support the expected economic growth in Timor.


Lines of Business

SACOM is structured around 3 major business lines:


1. Supply of Fuels – which plans, sources and supplies
quality fuels to clients;


2. Supply of Derivatives distribution of bitumen to the private sector and to the government in collaboration with SACOM Construções;


3. Consultancy division – research, analysis and advisory on energy projects in Timor-Leste.


Inauguration of the Dato Siri Loe SPOB,
arrival at the Port of Dili (11/2015)

The Dato Siri Loe SPOB on the Bay of Dili

Inauguration of the Dato Siri Loe SPOB, performing traditional rituals