SACOM Construções

Timor-Leste's economic potential is vast,
and achieving it will require major investments
in public infrastructure, as well as a substantial
increase of the technical capacities
of its private sector.

> As a company of SACOM Grupo, SACOM Construções Lda,

is a Timorese company interested in actively participating

in the National Development of Timor-Leste.


> Timor-Leste is starting to develop its infrastructures in order to promote the development of its Country and People,

in all sectors of the economy.


> Among the basic infrastructures, the government

has set out as a major policy goal the substantial improvement of the country’s road system in its different levels, primarily for the national and regional main roads, but also for the district, sub district, sucos and aldeias.


> SACOM Construções is SACOM Grupo’s subsidiary dedicated to manage the Group’s infrastructure and construction projects.

Corporate Strategy

Vision and Strategy

To be the leading Construction and Engineering Company
in Timor-Leste, contributing actively towards the economic

and infrastructure development of the country.


SACOM is focused on being a major contender for the Government’s infrastructure program, bidding for public works. As experience is accumulated and strong partnerships
are forged with international reference players, it also bids
for the most complex public projects and to develop
the civil construction sector.


Competitive Positioning
Detailed Planning and Delivery will be the main

pillars of the corporate strategy.

> SACOM operates “in” and “to” the internal market - Timor-Leste is the target market for our products and services.


> SACOM’s vision is to actively contribute to a better quality of life in Timor-Leste, by supplying high-quality public infrastructure using sustainable and accountable processes.


> SACOM’s ambition is to become the leading Timorese company in the construction and engineering sector capable of delivering complex and outstanding infrastructure projects.


> SACOM’s strategy is to strongly invest in partnerships with reputed international companies and to train its labour force intensively in order to achieve its vision.




Construction Materials:
Bitumen and
Crushed Stone


See a sample of our machines available for renting:

Our future investments:

Lines of Business

SACOM is structured around 3 major business lines:


1. EPC Division (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) – which plans, projects, and constructs public and private infrastructure projects;


2. Equipment Rental Division – which manages the

company’s industrial equipment and rents these

equipments to other construction companies;


3. Construction Materials Division – production and

commercialization of crushed stone and bitumen

to the private sector and to the government.

The company is currently negotiating
with suppliers from India and China
the purchase of an Asphalt Mixing Plant
as well as a Stone Crusher Plant
to be built in Timor-Leste.