AgrinTimor is the Group’s subsidiary company created
to develop projects in the agricultural and industrial sectors

   Agriculture is one of the bases of the Timorese Economy, it is the sector that most employs, while at the same time, one of the least developed.
This situation leads to one of the most dangerous situations to a Sovereign State, the lack of Food Security. In order to support the Government and improve the sector, SACOM has developed AgrinTimor, its agribusiness arm, with the intention of developing a Timorese Agribusiness Industry. The company’s leadership is currently analysing and processing key information on the various areas that it can develop. This is a key process that will allow the company to focus on the most promising areas of agriculture and husbandry in different areas of the country, while building a phased approach to its investment plan.


> Timor-Leste is strongly dependent on the imports of basic food items crucial
to the
survival and welfare of the people, such as rice and corn


> AgrinTimor has projects in the area of Atsabe and Maliana to develop
the cultivation of rice


> Other projects are related to the cultivation and export of coffee.


> Currently Agrintimor is gathering the conditions to start producing
fresh fruit and vegetables.